Tiffany Holloway5 star

Kelly is amazing! She gives you so much self confidence & brings out the best in everyone :-) Best bootcamp sessions around

Paige Haines Kinesiologist5 star

Kelly is the best trainer I have ever had hands down (and I have had quite a few!!!) She walks her talk and offers fabulous advice for nutrition as well as overall health, her down to earth attitude makes the sessions fun even when they are full on!

Roslyn Green 5 star
Kelly is an inspiration to anyone looking for a healthy, active lifestyle. She motivates and supports you every step of the way. After some sessions I can hardly walk, but I always look forward to going back next session!
Michelle Wilcox 5 star
Kelly runs awesome bootcamp sessions and also steers us in the right direction with healthy eating. Thank you for your motivation and encouragement :-)

April Hayes 5 starI had my first session this morning!
Kelly was awesome, very welcoming and accommodating to some old injury’s, being unfit and the best part of all being able to bring my baby along :-)

Adair Donaldson 5 star
Pretty cool training for me today Kelly.
Am buggered now :-)
All i can say now is Thankyou :-) & see you next week for some more Encouragement :-)

Barb Jones 5 star

Thank Kel for your hard work and dedication to our group sessions. can’t wait for some more pain in 2015

Letitica Grayfoner 5 star

Feel the burn…… Had a lot of fun!!!

Linda N -
  “Hi Kelly.  My name is Linda.  I weigh 109 kilos and I need your help”.  These were the words I muttered into my phone one Sunday afternoon around 10 months ago.  Now, I find myself over 38kg lighter and in a much better head-space. All thanks to Kelly (and a bit of work on my part).
Kelly is not just a personal trainer, but a “feel good” friend who actually cares.  Well, she makes me feel like she cares anyway!  Over the past 10 months I have developed a relationship with Kelly like no other I have ever had before.  Mind you – I have never had a personal trainer before either!  Kelly has a large number of low calorie recipes, ideas and suggestions to help with your weight management goals.  I found this to be more important than the training.
All of this reinforced the things I knew I should be doing, all the food I knew I should be eating and helped to place all the mumbo jumbo that was going around in my head in the right spot. I had been struggling daily with the “I really should be” and “I know I need to” and “if only I could just”… etc.  But for some reason I couldn’t / didn’t. And round and round it went.  This was the cause of depression, unhappiness, negativity and low self-esteem for many years.
Constantly in my head went “My God, you should look at yourself in the mirror more often”, “no wonder he’s not nice to you – look at yourself”, “why would you want to go to their place – how embarrassing”, and on and on it went – daily, 24/7. Each week at training Kelly checks how I’ve been for the week, and talks through any problems that may have come up with my food or exercise.  She’ll do her best to help get to the root of the problem and make suggestions or different choices to help overcome these issues when they come up again.  And they do come up again!  I am just able to handle them better…. most of the time!
I love going to training with Kelly and will even find any excuse to attend her group training sessions that she holds regularly – even if I know I should be at work! When working full time it is often difficult to fit everything into your “cup”, you have to trim the extra not-so-important things in your week to ensure there is enough room for your health.  Being organized is the key to everything.  Kelly has helped me to think about better ways to be organized.
When I reach my goal weight in the coming weeks there is no way on this earth I will stop seeing Kelly.  She will be an important tool (did I say “tool”, oops, I mean friend) to help me maintain my weight, which I suspect will be a battle I may have to face for the rest of my life.  I am better equipped to face that battle now. I am also better equipped for shopping!  Wow, I forgot how great it was to wear high heels and not feel like an elephant balancing on a pin!  Speaking of which, that’s me in the green shirt – on top of the elephant. I thank God for Kelly almost every day, and I am never going to let her go!

Maggie Nolan – Remedial Massage Therapist 

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Kelly Frawley for her wonderful support and inspiring ways. I have always loved her training sessions right from the beginning, even though at times, I have found them to be challenging.

After having my third child, I left the hospital at 89kgs, I felt determined to get my body back into shape and shed the kilos. After managing to lose 7kgs on my own, i hit a wall, no matter what I did, it wasn’t coming off. I realized that I needed the structure and knowledge of a personal trainer.

So in March 2012 i started attending both of Kelly’s weekly group sessions, and following her advise on proper nutrition. With hard work, support and determination, after 12 months, I reached my goal weight of 65kilos!!! Kelly walks her talk, she will not only inspire you to reach your physical goals, but will also help to educate you with your food goals. I have not looked back since and will continue to be inspired by Kelly’s determination to help others reach there goals.