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Stop Trying To Loss Weight



If you where to do just one thing to do this what would it be….

The number one superfood for healing your gut and getting healthy… ( insert drum roll here )

BONE BROTH yep that’s it Bone broth.

Made with grass fed bones, water, Apple cider vinegar and a few aromatic, ( I add carrot, celery, leek, onion, bay leaves, garlic, pepper corns and turmeric) cook on and off for between 24-48 hours to release all the goodness out of the bones.

How to use it.

You can just drink it like a cup-a-soup, add it to your strews, curries and casseroles.

I add it to my boys, veggie and egg bake that they have every morning, but make sure you reduce it right down or you will have sloppy egg bake and 2 cranky boys.

I add it to my breakfast veggies then pouch my eggs in it.

I add it to my lunch veggies with some heavy metal pesto and reduce that right down adding some cooked chicken and kimchi on the side.

Making gravy with it after you have cooked a roast.

These are just a few suggestions to where you can add bone broth to your diet.

Let me know how you use bone broth.

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