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Raw Weiss Bar



I got a box of mangos the other day, there is only so much mango you can use in smoothies, so I sliced them up and put them in the dehydrator for mango chips.
My sister made a raw piña colada slice…. That gave me this idea.

50 gm raw unsalted cashews
50 gm raw unsalted macadamia nuts
100 gm dried mango. Unsweetened and no preservatives
100 gm unsweetened shredded coconut no preservatives
8-10 lg fresh dates ( mine were sm so I used 12) seeds removed
1/4 tsp vanilla extract
Put all the ingredients into food processor and blend until the mixture is smooth and clumps together, if it doesn’t add a little water and process again until it does.
Line a 10cm by 5cm glass slice dish with baking paper.
Press the mixture into the dish using the back of a spoon. Keep your spoon wet so the mixture doesn’t stick. When slice is smooth and even, cut into portion sizes. I got 16 portions

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