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My Tips For making Changes

1: Eat real food

It’s easy to get court up in the quick packaged meals when we are all so busy. But choicing real, fresh, local, seasonal and preferably organic food is a great change for yours and your families health.

We aim to eat mostly organic veggies, free range pasture fed humanly treated meat, good quality fats.

Here are a few of my supplies:

Jimboomba organic, Miami organic markets,

Paleo Beef Direct are amazing, they supply both paleo and GAP sausages ( beef & pork)

Mince (beef & pork)

Nitrate & sugar free bacon & ham

Whole, half or quarter pig

Whole, half or quarter beast


2: Have a plan

Have a 6 day meal plan, why 6 and not 7…… We have one meal called “fridge special” whatever is left in the fridge is for dinner.

At the moment our meal plan looks like this

  • Taco Bowls
  • Steak and big ass salad (BAS)
  • Curried sausages with cauliflower rice
  • Teriyaki or Thai marinated whole chicken & BAS
  • Chow mien
  • Grain free burrito platter
  • Fridge clean out

Our work and the boys after school commitments determine what we have, but I always have a plan.
Have a exercise plan too, what time and what you are going to be doing. Write it down ( on the fridge, in your diary) and cross it off when you have finished.

3: Make the Time

I couldn’t count the amount of times I have been told “I don’t have time” to cook, for food prep or exercise.

But the amount of time that is wasted on watching TV, Facebook, and the likes, is time that can be used to making changes.

4: Cut Out

Cut out processed foods, soft-drinks, and yes alcohol ( aim for 4 – 6 weeks no alcohol).

Clean out the fridge, pantry and freeze of all these foods, that way there is less temptation. Don’t wait until it is finished…. Get rid of it.

Change your shopping habits. Have a shopping list from your meal plan and stick to it. Don’t go down the aisles that have those temptations.

5: Be Consistent

Be realistic and set small goals that you consistent meet, then add another small goal….. Making changes consistently.

6: Get more Sleep

Aim to get 7-8 hours of sleep every night. This allows your body to rest, recover, reenergise and repair, if we don’t get this we generally will look for this in the form of sugary foods.

The time we go to bed is also important, there is an old saying

7: Drink More

Aim to drink approx 2-3 lts of water a day. I like to add fresh lemon, ginger and turmeric to my water.

Hungry? Try drinking some water first. Sometimes we mistake hunger for thirst.

8: Never

Never skip breakfast. Make breakfast a priority. Have veggies prepped, have a plan and make the time. Breakfast for me is my biggest meal.

My favorite breakfast is

roasted pumpkin, sweet potato and carrots.

Cooked mixed veggies ( broccoli, chard, kale, capsicum, tomato. whatever veggies in season )

2 scrambled eggs ( from my chooks)

1/2 cup fermented veggies ( kimchi or sour kraut )

1/2 avocado.

I can have my breakfast made within 4-5 mins. As long as I have my veggies cooked and in the fridge.

Time to make Changes

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