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Meal Prepping is the KEY

meal prep

meal prep

my weekend prep list is done, now all i have to do is start ticking it off:

last week i made a lot of snack items to have in the freezer for the boys lunches, this week i need to stock up on the protein things they have in their lunchbox, plus my weekly list of things.

LB = boys lunchbox meal

SM = Steve meal

KP = Kelly prep

FM = Family meal

roast beef (cold meat for wraps) LB, SM

meatballs, portion and freeze LB, SM

chicken muffins & balls, portion and freezeĀ  LB, SM, KP

turkey muffin & balls, portion and freeze LB, SM, KP

chicken drumsticks, portion into 2 per pack, freeze LB, SM

2 kg chicken cooked diced portioned into 100gm lots, freeze KP

2 kg chicken breast diced, marinated and frozen into 500gm lots, freeze (kebabs, stir-fry, salad) LB, SM, FM

cook 4 cups brown rice, portion in 1/2 cup serves, freeze LB, SM, KP, FM

cook 4 cups quinoa, portion in 1/2 cup serves, freeze LB, SM, KP, FM

cook roast veg portion into 7 for my lunches

make 7 serves of oats, soaked with boiling water my breakfast

make 10 serves of oats soaked with almond milk, boys breakfast for school days,

4 X cacao mousse my morning snack

fruit salad, BL, KP

vegs cut up for stir-fries KP, FM, SM

12 hard boiled eggs, (curried egg dip, snacks, salad) LB, KP, SM

I’m sure i will find other things too.

bring it on!




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